Director’s Message

It is a matter of great pleasure for us that you have decided to be a government Employee. Getting Gov. Job is not so easy that each & everyone can get it but it is also not unachievable target. It needs hard work in proper direction.

You can achieve a reputed Gov. Job but for that you need what is proper guidance at right time and hard work on right path .

We at ICS provide you 100% guarantee for Gov. Job through coaching. ICS was started in 2010 with the determination that we would provide such a quality education that student belong to any level of learning weather he or she is average , above average or below average , if works as per our guidance will be able to achieve 100% Gov. Job. Each and every child is born with some abilities, the only need is to get them right.

Environment for grooming
We at ICS provide such an environment that will help you to achieve your goal. We have given such wonderful results above 80% of total students. Now it has been improved to 100% results. ICS has given HTET topper in all over Haryana.

Dreaming alone is not going to full-fill your aim , one has to work hard on once dream to make it come true. We work with you on your dreams.