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App Features

ICS Homework online learning mobile app is created with extreme precision. With this smartphone application, we strive to help students study for government job exams in the comfort of their homes while building a strong grasp of essential subjects and exam-oriented topics. Our app entails the following features:


Daily Online Classes

ICS Homework mobile app provides unlimited access to live and recorded online classes that students can operate anytime they want.


Tests & Quizzes

In addition to structured courses and online classes, the app also lets students evaluate their learning with the help of numerous tests and quizzes.


Online Assessment

Along with consistent classes for government job examinations, the ICS Homework app also lets you evaluate the level of preparation with the online assessment feature.




Good Reviews

Good Reviews








ICS Homework App

How ICS Homework Became One of the Leading E-Learning Mobile Apps in India

ICS Coaching Centre is a well-established learning institution that provides customized courses for competitive exam preparation across numerous states of India. We thrive on educational excellence that elevates the quality, consistency, and outcomes of our government job preparation modules. We help our students prepare for a career in government job sectors with proper assistance.

Our e-learning smartphone application came into existence after the global pandemic hit the world. We knew that aspirants seeking government jobs would want to consume the free span during shutdown in studies and subject specialization. Soon after, we launched our e-learning app, and since then we have been offering online classes for aspirants across various cities in India.

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ICS Homework mobile app is exclusively available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for one student per subscription. You can simply tap on the application store on your smartphone, search for ‘ICS Homework’ and download the app for unlimited access to quality learning.

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Students Sharing Their
ICS Experience

Before joining our gigantic team of nationwide learners, you can review the experience of our existing students and previous alumni to get a better idea of our student-friendly online learning and exam preparation platform. Here’s what ICS learners have to say:


My mother-in-law came to know about ICS coaching and prompted me to give it a shot. Thanks to their supportive staff and unique teaching methods, I was able to achieve the #1 rank in Chandigarh Police.



Not only did I clear the IBPS clerk exam with the help of proper preparation and subject-based learning, but I also appeared in other competitive exams and obtained top ranks.



I am very grateful to the experienced teaching staff members at the ICS coaching centre who provide proper assistance in learning. With their support, I cleared the Chandigarh Police exam.



An Inside Look of ICS App

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    Why ICS is your best bet?

    Aside from general exam preparation and timely assessment, ICS Coaching Centre also focuses on boosting the subject expertise of learners through well-structured courses. We acquire a strong team of dedicated teachers who strategically explain topics and patiently help students with their doubts. Apart from this, we also use mock tests and quizzes to evaluate the performance of government job aspirants and provide them with required educational and app-related support.

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    Accessible Classes

    Single-tap access for live and recorded classes and test sessions!

    Proven Outcomes

    Thousands of ICS students selected in SSC, IBPS, Police department, etc.

    Doubt Sessions

    Students can sign for doubt sessions and get their queries answered easily.

    Scheduled Tests

    Other than classes, we also conduct tests and quizzes to analyze aspirants’ performance.

    Franchise Enquiry

    ICS Coaching Centre is expanding continuously & graciously with hundreds of branches in different cities to help students obtain a successful mark in their careers.

    Brand Benefits

    • Branches require no teachers as we employ satellite technique for classes
    • The head office provides all classes of teachers who produce toppers regularly
    • The head office further provides syllabus and study material
    • Regular training sessions to promote business
    • Satellite technique allows for teaching of maximum number of students
    • Low investment with high returns
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