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    “एक ही फीस में सभी सरकारी नौकरियों की तैयारी”

    To Recognize The Inner Potential Of The Students And Achieve
    Their Desired Career Goals

    Parimal Sir

    Mr. Parimal Kumar - (Director)

    Dear Friends
    Mr. Parimal Kumar – (Director)

    Today with your kind cooperation and faith in us ICS has 200+ branches preparing students all over Haryana, Rajasthan and now in U.P also. It is a matter of pleasure for us that we are able to provide best coaching for Government Job exams in the field of Teaching, SSC, Bank, Police, Force, Railway and many more. Through Satellite Technique, we are able to ensure good quality education of Head Office Level to our other branches which are in big cities as well as in remote areas in small towns and villages . Our students are getting success regularly due to the best guidance and quality education

    My father was a farmer and had no knowledge of making a good career. I completed my graduation with zero idea about the future career options then one of my friends showed me the way to make good career in the field of Government Jobs. I was surprised to see a large number of youth in Delhi preparing for Government Jobs and many Coaching Centres were full up to their limit but as we were in the small city of Haryana, we had no clue about the preparation

    Then I prepared for Government Jobs and cracked several reputed Government Job exams and got selected but destiny wanted something else. Meanwhile, I got a chance to teach in a small institute in Delhi and there I saw my future in the coaching field and a golden opportunity in Sonepat, Haryana.

    • A dream was born but for that I had to prepare more.
    • I invested many years in coaching sometimes in a teacher’s role & sometimes as a student.
    • A small start with just 17 students in Sonepat has grown into a full-fledged brand as ICS Coaching Centre with 60 branches pan India and is growing daily. With continuous excellent results and maximum number of selections in Government Jobs, ICS soon became the talk of the town.
    • Number of students increased and I asked help from my better half Ms. Babita, Mr. Sunil Sir and Mr. Narender Sir.
    • Now with a very strong team, expert in preparing students for Government Job exams ICS is producing very good results.
    • Every year we produce not only Quality Government servants but toppers also. Now I want to thank Ms. Ritu- Naresh Verma who supported us for our first online branch in Panipat.
    • Continuous evolution made us successful in online coaching and now we ICS with a network of 60 branches across Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh (UP) are serving students.
    • I very strongly believe that if we want to improve the condition of India we have to grow not only India but Bharat also who lives in distant and remote areas far from the big cities. Real picture of India is not only on highways but in remote villages
    • They don’t have good education opportunities like in metro cities. Our dream is to educate them, make them self dependent and for that we will reach each and every small town & village of India.
    Babita Tyagi

    Ms. Babita Tyagi - (Co-Founder)

    Ms Babita Tyagi is a well known face in the name of teaching psychology, Hindi, Haryana Gk & National GK.

    She is popular for her teaching skills. She did her ETE course just after 12th class & was in Govt. job before reaching 20 years of her age and now she left permanent Govt. Jobs to trained students.

    She is backbone of ICS. She topped IGNOU B.Ed. entrance exam with all time high marks in 2007. Thousands of students get benefit from her classes on regular’s basis.

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